What Delegates Say

"I would like to thank Arne, Sabine and the NorCast Team for all the work which has been put into organizing another fantastic NorCast Conference.
It is always one of the highlights of the year."

   - Dr. Oliver Moos, Managing Director , CETAG CastHouse Engineering and Technology AG - Switzerland.

"This year's NorCast Conference was again excellent, very interesting and most enjoyable.
NorCast is unique and always one of the highlights of the year."

   - Dennis Huntzinger, Sales Manager Bloom Engineering Europe GmbH, Germany.

"Thank you again for the outstanding conference.
It is really one of the kind experience and we really appreciate the opportunity to be part of it.
Hope to see this event for years to come!"

   - Mr. Roman Konstaninov, Deputy Director of Development, MAST Europe OU, Estonia.

"Once again, many thanks for another thoroughly enjoyable event."
   - Mr. Mark Bumford, Sales Director, RIA Cast House Engineering GmbH, Germany.

"Thank you very much for putting together a very interesting event once more.
I can imagine how much work it means and how challenging it is to find suitable speakers (e.g. the keynote speakers.)
Nevertheless, it was once more a fantastic event."

   - Dr. Ing. Oliver Moos, Managing Director, CETAG - Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG, Switzerland.

"As always, the NorCast 2022 conference was very interesting, enjoyable, and well organized.
Please continue to do the conference as it is"

   - Dr. Ing Johannes Morcheiser, MMP Site Head Koblenz, Novelis, Germany.

"Thank you very much for the invitation and organisation of a such unique event.
Also thanks to all of the participants for all the fruitfull discussions, pushing the technology and innovation in the green and sustainable direction"

   - Dr. Ing Blanka Lenczowski, R&T Business Development-European Affairs, Airbus, Germany

"Definitly the best confertence that I have attended during my 36 years in this industry.
Great paper, excelent guest speakers and deninitly the social part is the highlight every time.
And all thanx to a superb organisation by everyone involved"

   - Dr. Ing Oliver Moos Managing Director, CETAG AG, Switzerland

"Great Conference! Please, continue with your team!"
   - Mr Gerold Keune, Managing Director, Hertwich Engineering GmbH, Austria

"Great Conference, very informative Presentations and excellent hospitality. Thank you very much! "
   - Mr Denis Hunzinger, Sales Manager, Bloom Engineering (Europe) GmbH, Germany

"Two very good days. The combination of Sessions and Coffe breaks is excellent. Keep this format."
   - Mr Michael Kuom, Project Manager, Hydro Aluminium, Germany

"The Program, organisation and attendee list are all very well thought out. A very good spread of topics already and keep the same format. No improvements are required."
   - Mr Lee Allen, Mechatherm International, UK

"Great mix of presentations, technical and business related as well as new trends. The day and a half format is perfect in my opinion."
   - Mr Jack Clark, Senior Vice President & CTO, Constellium, USA

"As always, the NorCast Conference was interesting and all the presented papers were rich in information and for sure added a lot of value."
   - Mr A. Rasool Ahmed A. Rasool, Casthouse Director, Alba, Kingdom of Bahrain

"It was a very good organized and interesting conference. A nice atmosphere with a wide range of well known professional delegates. Good topics and presenations during the 2 days."
   - Dr Markus Schober, Managing Director, Hammerer Aluminium Industries Holding GmbH, Austria

"Very good presentations and high quality. High level presenters. Very good organization and excellent hosptality."
   - Mr Philip Meslage, Technical Manager Melting & Casting, Alunorf - Aluminium Norf GmbH, Germany

"Good variety of topics and presenters. Good opportunities to net-work."
   - Mr Stephen Augostine, Managing Director, Fives Solios Limited, UK

"As always, very good conference with high quality presentations and excellent discussions. The key is to keep doing mix and organisations as NorCast does so well"
   - Mr Alan Peel, CEO & Managing Director, ALTEK Europe Ltd, UK

"I consider myself very fortunate in having been able to attend NorCast 5 times since 2010. Every year you have managed to bring together fascinating people from all aspects of the aluminum industry from CEO’s and managing directors, government, equipment/technology suppliers and techniques such as myself. I always learned something new and useful at NorCast."
   - Mr Don Doutre, Senior Principal Scientist, Novelis Aluminium Inc., Canada